Billboard Boys

Three men went up and wouldn't come down


Mike MacKay 

  • The oldest (31), loudest and only married contestant
  • Submitted 47,000 entries
  • Known as “Billboard Mike”
  • Learned to play the guitar while on the board
  • Self-published author of Cooking Varmints and Other Little Critters

Ron Kistler

  • The man in the middle, both in tent position and age (24)

  • The quietest billboarder

  • Submitted 4,004 entries  - Only non-essential item in his tent was American Rifleman magazine

  • Girlfriend (Sue) visited the board every day except one 


Dalton Young

  • The youngest (23), single and fresh out of the army
  • Dalton’s 1,000 entries were submitted by his mother
  • Brought nunchucks on the board
  • Used mental telepathy against Ron and Mike
  • A partier, self-professed stoner and ladies man